We can supply you with a wide range of products and services, designed to ensure all of your security needs are taken care of.

Our Products and Services include: 

Specialised CCTV cameras that use a mobile phone sim card to transmit images over the internet to a monitoring station or email destination of your choice

Solar powered rapid deployment CCTV
GSM CCTV cameras that have been engineered to draw very little power (just 0.25w) that allows the system to run from solar power

BS8418 Monitored CCTV
CCTV systems that are triggered by PIR sensors to activate the system, which then transmits images across the internet to a Remote Recieving Video Centre (RVRC). Once recieved by the RVRC trained professionals review the footage and respond according to strict instructions, be that call the Police, a local security guarding company, or the keyholders.

Covert CCTV
Hidden cameras and microphones, that are designed to capture images and sound of illegal activity that may not occur if the cameras are visible.

Audible challenge equipment
This equipment will allow a either a live (from an operator at the RVRC) or pre-recorded voiced warning to intruders that a system is present and has been activated. It has been proven that a "voiced alert" is far more effective than that of an electronic siren, these are usually ignored by passers by.

Intruder alarms
We can engineer a wide range of intruder alarm systems, both wired and wireless. Devices can include Passive Infra Red detectors (PIRs) (that sense moving patches of heat), dual technology PIRs (that use microwaves to detect moving air as well as a moving patch of heat), door contacts, and glass break detectors. We can also connect autodiallers to use the buildings phone lines to communicate the systems status.

GSM autodiallers
if a phone line is not present we can use a GSM autodialler, that uses a mobile phone sim card to communicate the systems status.

Perimeter protection alarms
These systems protect external compounds to ensure an alert is generated as soon as an intruder breeches the boundries of the compound.

Access control
Access control systems allow you to electronically allow authorised individuals into restricted areas using electronic locking devices. These systems can also log movements of staff, to then produce a fire alarm register in the event of a fire alarm activation. These systems can also be used for time and attendance purposes.

Door entry
Door entry systems allow a guest to call a specific office or residence from a communal entrance. The resident can then speak (and sometimes see through video door entry systems) then decide to authorise their entry (and remotely unlock the door and allow them in) or to terminate the call and keep the entrance secure.

Electric gates
Electronic motors automatically open a gate to premises. These would usually be twinned with a door entry system, and this will then not only unlock, but open a gate or door remotely. These are used for drive gates, loading bays and sometimes disabled access doors to allowed disabled persons to easily enter a building or yard.

The Mosquito
The Mosquito "youth deterrent device" emits a high frequency soundwave that can only be heard by people under the age of 25. This device, when deployed and used correctly will quickly and easily disperse groups of youths from congregating/loitering and potentially causing issues of antisocial behaviour.

Application of SmartWater
SmartWater is a uniquely coded metals based DNA marking solution. Each individual bottle or vial is coded to the individual site that it has been bought and registed for, and therefore means that if any marked materials are recovered, they can be traced to a specific place. This makes it an invaluable tool in marking assets. We have been trained by SmartWater in the application of this product to high value items, including lead and copper for roofs. SmartWater is also a Secure by Design product, meaning not only is it insurance approved, but also Police endorsed.


If you allready have a system installed, we can maintain and repair it on your behalf, please contact us for more details about this service.

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